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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Purpose or Reason Driven?

Update (2/24/2008): After scrutinizing several chapters of both books, I came to the realization that reading Rick Warren is going to have no positive results for me. I am trying to escape an anti-Christian mindset and this is not helping! I still think Robert Price's book is very valuable, although I no longer feel a compulsion to regurgitate it chapter-by-chapter. Instead, I'll say it's a great read, and I encourage everyone to listen to the Reason-Driven Podcast (widget on the right) for the great discussions ensuing.

I have decided to undertake the task of reading "The Purpose Driven Life", by Rick Warren, alongside its rebuttal, "The Reason Driven Life", by Robert M. Price. I was inspired to do this by The Reason Driven Podcast. Check them out on the right.

*I will update this post with links as I progress

My first instinct was to only read "The Reason Driven Life", because I already know the content of Reverend Warren's book is from a fundamentalist christian view. I decided it would be educational, however, to read both books chapter by chapter, together. As Rick Warren appeals to biblical quotations several times within the first few pages of the first chapter, this is going to be a trying experience for me. I strive to endure however, through the combined 675 pages of these two tomes.

Wish me luck.

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