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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chapter 3: Reason Driven - One Track Mind?

  • Backseat Drivers
    • The bible is not the only source of wisdom regarding purpose
    • Guilt is a powerful motivator for reforming one's behavior, and the bible contains many stories demonstrating this
    • Seek forgiveness from the person you wronged. Being forgiven by a deity does nothing for them
    • Matthew 18:23-35 says we must forgive, or god will hand us over to the torturers. Ah, coerced forgiveness, the best kind. Hmmm...motivated by fear much?
    • The past is the past, and people can change
  • Sunday Drivers
    • Open-mindedness is a virtue
    • If you flunk the judgment day theology exam (multiple choice) it's roasting chestnuts on a very open fire for the rest of eternity
  • The Purpose-Driven Liability
    • The liability is in relying on a book or dogma for meaning and purpose
    • Purpose is derived from within and from the world and people around you
    • Many religions promote the idea that all problems can be solved by targeting THE ONE PROBLEM. In Warren's case, the problem is sin, and the cure is believing in his god, in his way
    • It's the journey that matters, not so much the destination. Purpose is not handed to you.
    • "Looking for your purpose, creating your purpose, gives meaning to your life."
"Becoming is better than being."

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