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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chapter 4: Reason Driven - Sons of Dust

Price discusses some of the psychological reasons why the idea of immortality is probably the main reason why people accept the bible so willingly. Almost no one wants to die, and leap of faith regarding the afterlife is primarily caused because of it. Even if, as Price points out, theologians disagree widely about what an afterlife would be all about. As usual, the bible is interpreted many ways to fit any ideology, even by evangelicals who claim it is the inerrant word of god. They take the bible literally in some cases and figuratively in others in order to meld it to their views.

Price then makes the case that the bible can be interpreted to say there is no afterlife, and also goes through the various versions of it cited in the bible. For once, I think he makes more bible references and quotations than Warren does. Sometimes only the cream of the righteous crop make it, sometimes everyone does but some go up and some go down, sometimes the evil simply cease to exist, etc.

Price points out that while Warren strives to see this life as insignificant, and the afterlife as the goal, at the same time Warren "admits there is virtually nothing to be said [about the afterlife]!" We can't possibly understand it. Warren made the analogy that describing the afterlife to a human is like describing the internet to an ant.

The sad truth that Price points out is that by living in constant anticipation of an afterlife which you know nothing about, you waste much of what is good in this life. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing! Learn to embrace and enjoy what is in front of you, which in my opinion is beautiful above all else.

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