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Friday, December 28, 2007

Intro: Purpose Driven

Rick introduces his book as your personal guide to "prepare you for eternity."

He talks about the significance of 40 days in this program in terms of biblical references. He states that "God considers 40 days a spiritually significant time period," and lists several biblical examples.

There are 4 features he introduces as resources throughout the chapters.

  1. A Point to Ponder - "Nugget of truth that summarizes a principle"
  2. A Verse to Remember - "Bible verse that teaches a truth"
  3. A Question to Consider - "..help you think about the implications of what you have read and how it applies to you personally."
  4. Discussion Questions (in the appendix)
He then (warns) us that the bible is quoted extensively, over a thousand times.

Then he lets you know that he's been praying for you to "[discover] what God put you on this planet to do."

Another note, there's an encouragement to find an "accountability partner" to help you through this 40 day program.

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