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Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank god for godtube

I found my new favorite website, godtube.com.

There will be no end to content providing horror and agony for the critical thinker. Or, fodder for my blog!

I'm going to take the comments I leave on godtube.com and copy them here on my blog, because I have a feeling there is a good chance my comments will be taken down from that site, and/or my account will be suspended. Who knows, I'm new to the site. We shall see.

The Elephant Principle

This analogy is used a great deal. How does it have anything to do with religion, I wonder? The blind men are using their sensory perception to gain knowledge about various parts of the elephant. This is like the process of science, whereby eventually it is possible to know more and more, and perhaps even the ultimate truth. Religion is like the blind men living in a universe where no elephants exist, and coming up with various imaginary representations of what an elephant deity might be like. In that reality, all of them are dead wrong, and have absolutely no credible evidence to support their particular elephant part beliefs, let alone any evidence for the elephant itself.

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