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Sunday, July 29, 2007

100 reasons why evolution is so stupid

If you have the unwavering patience to sit through a few hours of nonsense, it may be a funny experience for you to watch this. I am amazed at how some people can make assumptions with no evidence and pretend to adequately refute scientific theory which has tons of evidence to support it.

I especially like it when he says towards the beginning that we've never seen a star forming, therefore cosmic evolution is a hoax. His inability to step out of his own bible-slave paradigm for a moment of intellectual stimulation is incredible. If something takes millions of years to happen, and doesn't happen within a time short enough for his attention span or life, it must not be possible.

"Nobody's ever seen a dog produce a non-dog." -- Dr. Kent Hovind, DUI (Doctor of Unlimited Idiocy)

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